Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello Everyone... New Adventures Ahead

Hey everyone,
wow it has definitely been a while since I last posted on this blog, eh?! I suppose that my life has been a little consumed lately with enduring 9 months of a high risk pregnancy, then becoming a first time mother! So sorry to leave you all hanging, I will surely get back to posting here soon... :) Having a year off of work will surely give me enough time (during my son's naps of course) to write again.
So, I had another blog that was wildly successful and going great - UNTILL SOMEONE HACKED IT AND THEN SUBSIQUENTLY DELETED IT! Gah, can you tell how frustrated I am by this?! So I have recently began to re build it... but it means that I had lost all of my followers and posts. In case you are interested, I wanted to post the link to it here.

I can't wait to see what you think, and thank you for taking a moment to check it out!


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Monday, February 7, 2011

I have been asked over and over, how do you find things to do when you go on linked in everyday? Are there actually enough new things to make it worth the time?

So I thought I would send out my answer to you all – in short YES going on Linked-In everyday is a great use of time and makes my time on the site far more effective and frankly a lot easier to keep track of everything.

I do not spend hours each day on Linked – In (although some days I am sure that I could), I tend to go on once or twice a day for 15 – 20 minutes. Going on to Linked – In daily helps me to only have to read and check in on the newer discussions and activity going on. I want to be sure that I am very clear with saying that just because I spend that much time on Linked-In each day, does not make it a golden rule or what you have to do. The amount of time will differ greatly based on the number of groups you are a part of, your current focus when going onto the site, the amount of connection requests you have, ect…

As for what I do on Linked-In each day, here is the process that my boss (Todd) and I use…

What are we doing on Linked - In?

Todd and I have a process… here it is:

• Todd and I go on linked in Daily to read, add comments or start a discussion within groups. This helps other members to know who we are and what we know.

• I look for opportunities daily in my groups. Weather it be from Discussions, comments, or my connections.

• I set up a call between potential opportunities and myself. This is where I work to see if there is an opportunity there and if it should be passed on to Todd.

• If applicable I pass the contact along to Todd.

Todd and I will often “stir the pot” when we start discussions. For example; Todd started a discussion on “Training Arrogance” and received over 60 replies in less than a week. I started a Discussion asking if “Off Site Meetings and Conferences were Dead?” and received over 50 replies in a week. This is also a HUGE help is a quick way to find out where the market is at on specific topics, ideas, economic climates, ect.

• We also (as always with everything) link everything back to each other – our web site, our web store, twitter, linked in Group, facebook, You Tube, ect… This gains more exposure and helps with our credibility.

I hope this helped you gain a little bit of insight – and will help to kick start you reasons for being on Linked In again!



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