Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Years Everyone! I can not believe how quickly 2010 has come… time for resolutions, new beginnings and a unanimous feeling of fresh beginnings! Funny how a single stroke of midnight can cause such feelings in people across the world… regardless, I wish each of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I truly hope that 2010 is a wonderful year for all.

Now, onto my passion (and the reason for you to be reading this blog) – social media!!! It seems that I was quite busy in December and failed to update my blog… New Years resolution #1 – Write More!

As with most things in a year, your social media goals should be determined at the beginning! I am not saying that you need to make a detailed and permanent plan – but your goals, vision and actions for the next year should be some what pre determined (or so I think). As always, none of this is “the law”, simply my thoughts on what works best for me. So, here is my list of things to think on as you head into 2010.

1. What worked and did not work for you in 2009?

a. Seems obvious, but I often find that I too soon forget what went “wrong” and do it over and over and over. Something going “wrong” doesn’t mean that it blew up or cost you money. It can be as simple as not achieving the results you desired, or it took too much of your time, etc…

b. On the same note, I find that what went “right” often gets forgotten. Funny, as this is how we succeed… but I feel that sometimes we become content with where we are and not with what we are capable of achieving. Aim high! It is a new year!

2. What do you want to accomplish in 2010?

a. Something as small as acquiring 10 new qualified Linked-In contacts this year or as ambitious as becoming the #1 in your field. Keep this goal top of mind in everything you do!

3. What new Social Media outlets would you like to try (or not) this year?

a. Many people are content with the outlets they are using… and that is GREAT! At the same time I know (first hand) that there are so many social media outlets available it can become overwhelming. You either try too many at once to keep up, or avoid using any at all…

b. Perhaps you would rather consider how you are going to juggle the social media you are currently using? Using a Blackberry or IPhone more? Pre-writing articles, updates, etc…

c. Like many people I have spoken to, you may even decide that in 2010 you are going to stop using some outlets for social media. Regardless of what you decide… it is the thought that is important. Remember that your social media presence is your face on the internet. Make it true to who you are and how you want to be seen!

Well, there are my 3 main thoughts as we venture together into 2010. I know that there are always a zillion more things that can be added to each topic I write about. Please feel free to put your thoughts here as well… I know others will appreciate it as much as I do!

I am always learning something new… Resolution #2 – stay humble and never stop allowing yourself to learn!

- Rebekah

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