Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Help Me, Help You" Concept

A colleague of mine recently posted this video on his you tube page.

The basic idea of this is to connect with his clients and ask them what they want. It is the “help me to help you” motto. It really got me wondering why we don’t do this more often?

I spend at least an hour a week (usually more) in meetings or conference calls around what our clients want. We look at statistics, what typically works well and often simply speculate at what it is our clients want. Very rarely do we take a moment to simply ask them directly.

I am not going to write on and on – as I think we all understand what I am saying here.

I am curious to know though - What do you think of this video? Should we be asking clients directly what they want?  As a client, is this helpful to do or frustrating for you?


  1. The video is strange but interesting, It felt a bit odd but their is no harm in trying

  2. One thing I do like about this video is that it asked for a specific type of advice, rather than a blanket call for feedback. On the other hand, the particular topic he picked seemed of only peripheral importance, and not particularly genuine. As a customer, I'm eager to give advice about how to make a product better, how to make me more loyal, etc. His topic didn't engage me emotionally enough to want to respond. Also, if he's asking this question in video format, he's likely to get customers responding overwhelmingly in favor of electronic communication. The people who would prefer a phone call aren't going to watch his video on the internet.

  3. I think simply he wants to know how to contact his clients to understand their needs. The idea is awesome especially where the communication technology is rapidly changing. Do we always guess correctly the trend of using communication tool among people each moment?

  4. Great idea! thanks for sharing this with me..hoping to make a concept of this soon!

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